Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bella Nella's Summer Celebration

I'm linking up today with  Nelly @ for her Summer Celebration-Keep it going.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Nelly---got everything you wished for.

My project reflects the Kansas Sunflower.  It grows profusely along the highways here in the midwest.  It blooms all summer long. 

I used cardstock for the bottom layer.  I secured a baby wipe with glue on top of that. I used watercolors and spotted it with yellow and blue.  I found a new sunflower stamp and stamped the top with an embossing pad and then used green embossing powder for the leaves.  I also used a gold leafing pen for the flower petals.

On top I added a couple of pearl brads and used yellow fiber for a hanger.

Hope you enjoy my flowers-wish they could bloom all year long.



Nelly said...

Hi Ann,

Beautiful piece! How lucky you are to see these grow so fully and all summer!

Thanks for joining my link party.


Terry said...

Lovely Sunflower! The one sunflower grower in CA went out of business and we are having a terrible time getting the large gray ones for our bird!

Cortney Lyon said...

That is really pretty. I would have never thought about using a baby wipe, but now I may have to try it! It was a pleasure visiting your blog and I signed on to follow you.

I look forward to reading more!

The Paint Splash said...

I didn't see this earlier! Wonderful job and I would have never guessed a baby wipe! Great job as always. luv u sis. Debbie

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